Upper Echelon


Porsche 911 Turbo, don’t let the baby blue paint and kid racer stripes fool you. It screams down the track.


I didn’t know whether to love it or hate it. Cream colored Evo X with purple wheels and an air foil, erm I mean spoiler.


Owner of this clean dc2 was nice enough to leave his hood popped for everyone to see…


This picture sums up the day; Spokane was honored to have cars of this caliber show up to the local strip.


Fresh out of the hotwheels box… Nahhh, this Viper was fun to watch.  The wheels had me doing a double take.


PRE showed up today with their well built Subies, showing everyone how it is supposed to be done.


A couple of great looking JDM inspired cars. Turbo dc2 and a built RB Silvia.


Show stopper, built 2JZ with an awesome driver. The guy would do just about anything to help me get a picture of his Supra.


Rolling shot of this crazy quick R32. Definitely upped his game since last year, I am sure more is to come.


Huge wheel and tire combo on this Evo, so big he had to do a wide-body mod on what looked like the OE fenders.


What a surprise it was, D series swapped turbo Integra. Glad to see some unique builds at the event.


That wraps it up for Day 1, hopefully the weather holds up for tomorrow.


Weather could not make up it’s mind on the second day of racing, but luckily the rain stayed away.


Super clean Bimmer from AD-Engineering / Horsepower Barn, this 135i was my favorite sleeper at the event.


Fastest trap speed of the weekend, as well as the quickest 1/4th mile time at 8.6 seconds. Huge Congratulations!


Eric’s fast DSM, unfortunately I didn’t get to see it race today. Warming up for the real races at the end of July.


Line em’ up! My personal dream car 335i, guys from AD Engineering / Horsepower Barn brought the goods.


Evo X and Faisal’s 350z. The Evo looked like a full on track car, minus the Husky inside.


These 2 GTRs raced each other almost the entire day, when they both hooked they had some very close races.


NISMO GTR fresh off the lot. And all 3 of the GTRs hoods are popped, some parts of the day were really hot.


2nd fastest Evo 8/9 at the track this weekend. No dig starts for this one though, only roll racing.


Love seeing this R32 each year. The guy has done such a great job keeping it clean and quick. The thing is a full blown race car.


Hollands Performance 1G DSM, I just love the 4 wide-band sensors being shown in this picture.


A great representation of a proper GT2. Happy to see this and the 911 race again this year.


Saddest part of the weekend, seeing all of the cars go home. Especially this one. Hopefully I get to see it grace our track again soon.

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